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Stephen Fouquet & Stan Sontz Memorial

Leather Brotherhood Weekend

20th Anniversary

Duct tape - the cure for everything

Aug 23rd - Aug 25th, 2024

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renewing the brotherhood of leather

A Place for Men

Kink Kamp is a place for men - run by men. It allows us to explore the male leather and kink experience. All men have knowledge to share and are encouraged to do so throughout the weekend. By sharing our knowledge and renewing the brotherhood of leather we become a stronger community resource. Informal interactive sessions occur throughout the weekend. Special guests are occasionally brought in for their particular knowledge and are available in a small intimate environment to teach and share their experiences and their outlooks.

a place to reconnect and to bond

A Place to Reconnect

Kink Kamp is a living memorial to two honourable Leathermen from Edmonton (Stephan Fouquette and Stan Sontz) who in 2004 met over several cups of coffee and came up with the concept of a Leatherman’s Weekend. The two men were seeing the community break apart, and agreed that our male leather community NEEDS a place to reconnect and to bond. Male bonding is a rare thing, and this venue provides the perfect opportunity for men of all sexual orientations to bond in the brotherhood of our shared leather experience.

a peaceful, safe, relaxing environment for individuals

Our Locality is a Safe Space

As you arrive at the KK host location, we encourage you to stop and take a moment at the top of the hill. Take in the views of the creek, and across the valley the beautiful Rockies, draw your attention to the vast Alberta blue sky. Stop for a moment to hear the silence and allow the serenity of this awesome property to bring peace to your busy soul. As you begin your descent into the valley, leave your burdens at the top of the hill you can pick them up on your way out, if you so choose.

The Kink Kamp location is approximately 2 hours from Calgary or Edmonton and is perched on the banks of one of Alberta’s finest Brown Trout spawning streams – the North Raven River. The host location is very central and an easy drive for guests arriving from either Calgary or Edmonton airports.

The primary focus of the host location is to provide a peaceful, safe, relaxing environment for individuals, to just be yourself in a safe and inclusive environment with like-minded brothers. KK attendees are welcome to come and find peace by spending time connecting with nature, wildlife, and self. Bring your favourite book or choose from the many available throughout the facility. Spend time on the beautiful deck overlooking the stream, partake to the skill shares, fireside chats, scotch, cigars, and brotherly bonding. Bring your fishing pole and spend some time in one of the best fly-fishing spots in Alberta. Feel free to hike where you choose on the property and surrounding hills. As the sun sets get ready to observe a star filled sky while soaking in the hot tub or strolling around.

Accommodation is Broken into Three Categories

  1. Shared lodge accommodation (Maximum capacity 23 people) $340.00
  2. Powered RV sites (Maximum capacity 4 sites) $240.00
  3. Unpowered campsites (Maximum capacity 33 people) (showers and toilet facilities are available) $220.00
  1. All meals for the weekend are provided in the price of admission.
  2. The exact location of this amazing location will be shared with confirmation of your registration.
  3. Click here to come Kamping!
men will be able to grow and provide continuity and valuable knowledge for the next generation

An Opportunity for the Next Generation

Kink Kamp is a safe non-judgemental place for Leather and kinky men of all sexualities and ages to explore and connect. Places where men can gather amongst like-minded men are becoming rare. We hope by creating this space that a stronger and more cohesive community will grow. Leather is a place where teaching is done face to face and not by reading books. By providing this opportunity we hope that the next generation of Leather and kinky men will be able to grow and provide continuity and valuable knowledge for the next generation.

knowledge and skills sharing that occurs throughout the weekend

Every Man has Knowledge to Share

The concept behind the weekend is that every man has knowledge to share. This is accomplished by informal and formal knowledge and skills sharing that occurs throughout the weekend. We encourage attendees to bring their favourite toys and skills and be ready to share them with other brothers who seek it. We occasionally will bring in a special guest with skills and viewpoints to share in a more formal setting. The goal of the weekend is to provide and open and inclusive environment and no one is required to do anything they do not wish to do. To further ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all - there is a saying that has existed from the initial year of the event.

a safe and non-judgemental environment

What happens at KK stays at KK.

This phrase alone will ensure that men who wish to explore avenues that they have denied themselves previously can be done in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Respect of yourself and of other attendees is primary to the success of the weekend.

Our only requirement for entry is that the attendee identify as a man. We welcome our trans brothers to this event.

The weekend schedule is very flexible with mealtimes being the only on-time event for the weekend. A typical weekend schedule is as follows:


  • Arrive at site and set up
  • Meal will be served typically from 5-7pm and is a come and get it type of arrangement so that as people arrive they can serve themselves
  • Opening/Introductions
  • Informal scotch and cigar social evening


  • Brunch 10am
  • Learning sessions
  • Jock and boots banquet 6pm
  • Open play and social


  • Brunch 10am
  • Session if required
  • Closing
  • Clean up and departure

Note: the hosts of the lodge have offered additional days if people wish to stay or come early.

This would be negotiated with the landowners on a separate basis.

This year's presenter: Beast

KK 2024 - 20th Anniversary

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of KK, we are excited to welcome Beast as our special guest presenter.

A Gentleman and a Beast, an immigrant and Indigenous, Beast (He/Him) is full of surprises. He’s a Lakota and German, pansexual, polyamorous Leatherman, a Master, puppy, ritual piercer, rigger, pyromancer, biker, bodybuilder, musician, storyteller and Cigar Daddy. Beast and His slave echo are honored to serve as International Master and slave 2022. Together with their partner Liv, they are raising 3 children in beautiful Colorado.